Company History

Severine Fackler has been offering her advertising and marketing services on an independent basis since 2006. In the meantime, the company grew. The team now comprises fix employees and also a permanent powerfull base of freelancers, such as graphic designers, illustrators, web programmers, telephone specialists, …

My long-standing customers include international B2B market leaders as well as fast-growing SMEs, especially in the technology sector. Are you interested in details? Simply send me an email!

Before I became self-employed, I was in managerial positions in marketing and sales for leading companies in B2B mail order, B2C mail order. My knowledge of stationary EDP sales and field service support in the electronics supply industry expand my spectrum of distribution know-how. Today I provide all experiences to companies of all sizes and industries as a service. My very broad range of marketing activities is supported by my network of different specialists. Which I can access depending on customer needs.

About the founder Severine Fackler

More than 20 years of experience in advertising, marketing & sales

My motto is “Direct and quick to the goal”

This motto is reflected in my career so far.
Also in my work with the customer.

Time, results and costs count!

“To die in beauty” is something for artists and
philosophers, but nothing for running business!

Practical experience & Know-how

I have a very wide range of practical knowledge.
I have many years of experience in what works & sells. And also what doesn’t sell. I am happy to submit you my list of successes & references. Just contact me!

Learning from the best

I grew up in marketing and advertising from scratch: from training as a marketing communications specialist to many courses to part-time qualifications such as Internet programmer IHK, specialist in marketing IHK (receiving the master prize from the Bavarian state government) and the diploma in marketing economics at the BAW (“cadre smith of German marketing”, quote of the trade magazine WUV). Here I was able to learn from great innovators and doers. Such as that of the Danone, the BMW controlling,… up to executives from Procter & Gamble – Marketing (one of the leaders in advertising budget for years)

Benefit of more than 20 years of practical experience! We know how to realize your wishes quickly, reliably, effectively and cost-effectively!