How much does your flexible marketing department cost you?

Many advantages, no risks – get more for your money

  • You only pay for productive working hours!
  • No effort for personnel management and workplace!
  • No permanent commitment to an employee!
  • No risk like hiring an employee!
  • Modulate your marketing spendings according to your liquidity!
  • No more tedious searches for suitable partners and agencies!
  • More time for new projects again!
  • You do not have to provide a permanent internal marketing resource for your marketing communication
  • In contrast to an internal marketing department, with “Marketing on Demand” you only incur costs if you actually use the service.

Benefit-related payment

  • Effort-related payment, i.e. by hourly rate
  • Project-related payment: individual agreed projects or their sub-steps are calculated according to the agreed flat rate
  • Success-related payment: Depending on the measure carried out, it can be calculated based on profit sharing
  • Framework contracts: In the case of recurring work or long project periods, an hourly quota is often contractually specified at a specific hourly rate and called up as required.
  • Support contracts: After the creation of a concept, there is usually a multi-month implementation phase (e.g. monthly newsletter, mailings, …) or further maintenance of an online presence. This can be done with monthly fixed amounts. A profitable marketing / advertising support e.g. as a marketing employee replacement is possible from 2 man-days per month !!!